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Take full advantage of your purchasing power.

SMSF can provide you with ability to increase your property purchasing power, however, the rules and regulations relating to the purchase of property in your super fund are very strict, so it’s important that you get the right advice before heading down this path.

Chamberlain & Co’s team of experienced finance specialists can help you navigate through all the rules and regulations and help you take full advantage of your SMSF, helping you identify suitable properties and match you with the most appropriate loan product based on your goals and personal circumstances.

During the process we can work with your existing accountant, financial planner and legal representative to ensure you comply with the relevant rules and regulations. If you don’t have an existing advisor in these areas, we can also refer you to several reputable professionals who can assist you.


  • Assessing property suitability for your SMSF.
  • Obtaining a property loan through your SMSF.

Looking for a great deal?

To discuss your loan needs, call Ray Chamberlain on 1300 785 139 or complete our online form.

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