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Get organised and seize your investment property.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first investment or you’re a seasoned investor, Chamberlain & Co will ensure you’re always ready to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

Typically, this should start in the form of a pre-approval, which will provide access to an agreed level of funding so you can bid with confidence.

Once you have found a property we can help you find the most suitable loan product based on your current and future needs and type of investment structure. At the same time, we will also point out the different loan options, which may include variable loans, fixed rates loans, lines of credit or interest only loans.


  • Getting an investment loan pre-approval.
  • Purchasing your first investment property.
  • Looking for finance for a portfolio property.
  • Financing an investment through your home.
  • Completing a development (units, townhouses).

Looking for a great deal?

To discuss your loan needs, call Ray Chamberlain on 1300 785 139 or complete our online form.

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