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Get a great rate, without compromising on service.

With so many loan products on offer it can be a real challenge working out which home loan is right for you. But with the help of our lending specialists this process is easy.

In association with National Mortgage Brokers, Chamberlain & Co has access to a large panel of lenders to ensure you get the most competitive rate. Our lending specialist will help you understand the pros and cons of different loan products and determine the most suitable option based on your requirements.

Plus, we can also help you customise your loan to give you a greater flexibility over how to manage and make loan repayments at the beginning and during the life of your loan.


  • Looking for a home loan pre-approval.
  • Purchasing your first home.
  • Renovating or altering your home.
  • Upgrading to a new home.

Looking for a great deal?

To discuss your loan needs, call Ray Chamberlain on 1300 785 139 or complete our online form.

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